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Skylar—bald from Alopecia since age 16—rode a motorcycle from Washington, D.C. to the tip of Argentina with the mission to help those who have lost their hair and perceived identity to the autoimmune disease Alopecia.

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Raised for Alopecia

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Raised for Alopecia

Why support Alopecia?

Emotional pain is real

Alopecia isn’t deadly, but it does kill confidence, perceived identity, and emotional well-being — especially for children, women, and young adults. It can appear at any age and affects all races and sexes.

Support plays a big part in helping people with Alopecia regain their confidence, maintain a positive outlook, and overcome the emotional pain caused by this autoimmune disease.

No safe treatment exists

The best treatments are far from good. From acidic ointments to powerful pills to steroidal injections, current treatment options often bring serious side effects and are rarely effective.

With more funding for research, we hope that our treatment options become more effective and less detrimental.

Big impact, little attention

Alopecia affects 145 million individuals—that's 2% of the population! But very few people actually know what Alopecia is. That’s often because people with Alopecia feel they can’t discuss it and have to hide it with wigs, hats, and makeup to feel accepted.

With increased public awareness of Alopecia, those living with the condition will be able to find acceptance.

Photo Source: NAAF.org

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Raised for Alopecia

The Adventure

In August of 2019, Skylar set south on his Suzuki TU250x motorcycle to ride 20,000+ miles down the Pan-American Highway through Central and South America to Patagonia. Along the way, Skylar worked with Adventures for Alopecia to:

  • Sponsor support events for Latin Americans with Alopecia along the way where possible

  • Raise awareness and educate the public about Alopecia through social media, word of mouth, and press.

  • Raised funds to support the above efforts and to contribute to NAAF's Treatment Development Program.

The trip was planned to take 9 months, but took nearly 3.5 years to complete, largely due to COVID-19. On December 13th 2022, Skylar reached the final destination of Ushuaia, Argentina, and the adventure was complete.

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Raised for Alopecia

Who Are We?

Adventures for Alopecia (Project AFA) was an 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that sponsored support groups for people with Alopecia, educated the public on Alopecia, and aim to advance treatment research. AFA formally dissolved inn July of 2023 and distributed its funds to other active efforts such as National Alopecia Areata Foundation and Children's Alopecia Projects.

Donations to Adventures for Alopecia were used to sponsor sustainable support group events, help maximize awareness of the disease, and fund advances in Alopecia research through NAAF's Treatment Development Program.

Photo Source: NAAF.org

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