The Route

March 2020 update: Skylar began the adventure departing from Washington, DC in August 2019. Since then, he has ridden over 5,000 miles through the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, and is currently in El Salvador. He will continue south on the "Pan-American Highway," which he's come to realize is really a misnomer as the 'highway' is mainly just small dirt and gravel roads!

On behalf of Adventures for Alopecia, Skylar has been supporting alopecians in every country he has passed through — check out Instagram for updates. To see Skylar's current real-time location, click the round button on the bottom left of the screen and navigate the map!


Washington, DC

Skylar started in Washington, DC, where he lived for the past 3 years working as a software developer. Quitting his job and utilizing his savings for the travel expenses, Skylar kicked off the adventure on August 26th 2019!


Mexico City

Along the way, Skylar is working with Adventures for Alopecia to host support events for those living with Alopecia. The first of these events was held with the Children's Alopecia Project support group in Xalapa, Mexico. Check Facebook or Instagram for pics!


Panama City

After Mexico City, Skylar will make his way to Panama city where Adventures for Alopecia will sponsor their second support event with an National Alopecia Areata Foundation support group that exists there.


The Darién Gap

The one known obstacle along the way is a 100-mile swath of treacherous jungle between Colombia and Panama named the Darién Gap. It’s separates the northern Pan-American highway from its southern counterpart, and Skylar will need to either circumnavigate it via a boat from Panama to Colombia, or trek through the Gap with his motorcycle.


South America

Upon entering South America, Skylar will begin in Colombia, hugging the western side of the continent while meandering his way to various support group locations, natural wonders, and his ultimate destination: Patagonia.


Buenos Aires

Another Alopecia support event will be hosted in Buenos Aires, where there is a substantial Alopecia support network.


Tierra Del Fuego

The ultimate destination: the land of the fire. At the southern tip of South America lies this remote mining area. With winter conditions year-round, it’ll be a chilly ride, but the area supposedly brings views more impressive than its name.


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